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Have you thought about making corporate donations?

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You may know everything that there is to know about your business, but that isn't true for other people. While your company matters to you, most other people will only think about it when they need to buy something that you sell, and they will only think of you at that point if they are already familiar with your business and aware of what you do. Getting your company in front of new people and keeping it at the front of your past clients' minds is an ongoing challenge. You can, and should, run regular advertising campaigns, but that isn't the only thing you can do. One effective way to ensure that your company isn't forgotten is to take advantage of corporate donation opportunities.

Why use corporate donation opportunities?

You might think that corporate donation opportunities are a waste of money. Indeed, there is rarely the obvious return on your investment that you would see with an advertisement, but corporate donation opportunities can often be more effective than adverts. When you place an advertisement, your customers know what to expect. When you produce a leaflet or a radio or television advert, many people tune them out and fail to listen to them carefully. Corporate donation opportunities work precisely because they aren't advertisements. When you make a corporate donation, there is always a reward for your company.  Here are three ways that they might benefit your business.

Show your business in a good light — Adverts are your opportunity to promote your company and say how great it is. However, corporate donation opportunities can cast your business in a good light. They encourage people to think well of your company because you engage with the local community and support charitable causes. After your donation, your name will be prominently displayed somewhere, and everyone will know how generous your company is.

Expand your reach — Advertisements are targeted to people you know would benefit from your services. However, there are always going to be plenty of other people who would use your services who are not targeted by your advertisements. Corporate donation opportunities are a good way for your name to be seen by a broader range of people than those who see your adverts.

Be seen for longer — Adverts are usually very short-lived. You may run a concerted campaign, but the advert will normally last no longer than the lifespan of the newspaper or magazine. Corporate donation opportunities will allow your name to be seen over an extended period. If you sponsor an event, the event will be recorded forever, and your name will remain associated with it in perpetuity.