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What You Need to Know About the General Construction Induction Course

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Are you thinking of working in the construction industry? Whether you are a project manager, builder, contractor, supervisor, trades personnel, labourer, apprentice, trainee or even just an employee who's been asked to be involved in a construction project, it is imperative to undergo a safety training course.

The course is otherwise known as the general construction induction course and is not just essential but also mandatory if you wish to work in the construction industry. That's because various accidents can occur at a construction site and it's crucial that you have some knowledge regarding safety. If you are new to this kind of safety training, here is all you need to know.

Where Can You Complete Your Training?

There are hundreds of training providers across the country. However, you need to complete your training from an accredited as well as approved registered training organisation, which are, fortunately, all throughout the country. Therefore, you can choose a training organisation that best suits your budget as well as location.

Remember that you can complete the training both face to face and online. However, it is worth noting that while safety inspectors will naturally accept your online training, some site managers may prefer that you complete the training face to face, which means you may have to redo. Therefore, if possible, consider face-to-face training.

How Long Does the Training Take?

The general construction induction training course should only take a couple of hours. However, the duration may vary depending on where you are completing the training from. That is, online training tends to take a shorter time so you may want to consider that if you have a tight schedule for the rest of the day.

What Happens After the Training?

Once you complete your training and pass the assessment, you will be issued a statement or certificate of attainment acknowledging your completion as well as the passing of the safety training course. You will also be issued with a card to show that you have completed the course. However, you have to apply for that card, and some identification is usually required during the application.

A copy of your photographic ID will be required, and this may include your driver's licence, which has to be current and valid, your passport (also current and valid), your 18 plus card, or your school identity card. If you don't have any of these identification documents, your birth certificate, work identity card, credit card, public utility account, credit card or bank statement can come in handy.

For more information, contact your local ewp training course instructor.