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3 Ways a Canine Friend Could Help Improve Your Little One's Reading Skills

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Your child's reading ability will go a long way in determining their chances in life. Reading is one of those skills which are like a virtuous cycle, when your child increases the amount of material they are reading, their reading skills improve. Numerous studies have linked academic success to the amount of reading that the child does. One of the challenges which come with trying to establish a reading culture with little kids is their short attention span. Researchers believe that this is a problem which you can solve by adding a dog to the equation.

1. Increased confidence levels

When a child is reading to you or in front of other children, they feel all eyes on them, and they are afraid of making mistakes, especially when they are reading content with more complex vocabulary levels. On the other hand, if they are reading to a dog, they do not have to feel judged because dogs are excellent listeners and they are their best friends too. The time that they take reading to the dog, therefore, helps them boost their reading confidence and makes learning an enjoyable thing to do.

2. Therapeutic benefits

Pet therapy schemes exist because dogs have a very calming and therapeutic effect on people of all ages, kids included. Schools are increasingly becoming a high-pressure environment, and kids do not respond well to that. The presence of a dog makes the atmosphere relaxed and more welcoming. While reading is sometimes a solitary activity, but it becomes social and beneficial when done with a loyal and loving listener. Having a dog as part of your child's learning, therefore, reduces their social activity and makes it simple for them to learn reading.

3. Creating a virtuous circle

It is human to want to repeat the activities which make us feel good. When you include a pet in your child's reading activity, it becomes one of the exciting games which they play together. Reading, therefore, stops being that task or homework and becomes a rewarding and relaxing way to spend time with a pet. This creates the virtuous cycle where the child willingly engages in looking for new material to share with their attentive and loyal friend.

When correctly done, the inclusion of a pet in your child's reading strategy will have endless benefits. There are charities and programs which advocate and teach pet-supported reading. Supporting these charities helps spread literacy levels and the upwards mobility of underprivileged children. For more information, contact your local literacy program.