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3 Major Learning Styles Used In Early Childhood Education

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In the early years of your child's development, the child will develop a style. This is where the child can choose the clothes they would love to wear or what activities they will take part in on a particular day. In the same way children develops their own style, they also develop a learning style. Children will grasp information best with a learning style that suits them. Since each child has a different learning style, it is essential for early childhood teachers to learn and understand the various learning styles so that all their students can benefit. As a parent, if you are home schooling your children, you should strive to understand what style works best for each of them. The following are some of the most common learning styles that are applied in early childhood education.


Students who learn best with the visual style will prefer learning through watching. These students will remember everything that they were taught if it was presented to them with pictures. This style is one of the most common because when you walk into the classrooms of children, you will find charts with numbers, animals and fruits. All the information that they learn clearly makes sense to them because their teachers demonstrate it. When you tell these kinds of students something without any demonstration, it would not make sense, and they would take a long time to understand what you are trying to say.


Auditory students understand what they are taught if they hear it. They will listen to what their teachers are saying and they will loudly talk about what they have learnt. These learners may take time to understand written information until it is read to them. You may find some of these students talking to themselves when they are trying to understand anything new that they have learnt. Auditory learners will sometimes prefer learning in groups. In early childhood education, teachers will tell stories to children as a way of explaining some information to them.


Learners who understand best with this teaching style engage in activities physically so they can learn more about the material. These students love when they do whatever they are learning. You will find these students moving around when they are listening and also touching the things that they are being taught about so as to understand better. Kinesthetic students sometimes remember what they were taught by trying to recall whoever demonstrated or said something.

To learn more about your child's learning style, work with local early learning services